How To Get Traffic Using Youtube Channels

How To Get Traffic Using Youtube Channels

Youtube Traffic Surge is a 10 video, step by step training course that teaches you how to get traffic using Youtube channels. A system that assists you in getting traffic targeted toward your niche, through YouTube Video Marketing. You don't have to be Tech Savvy either!

Discover how through Youtube, to market all of your websites, affiliate links, CPA offers and a whole lot more, Starting Today!

This training course will basically let you watch over the shoulder, one step at a time, how to take your videos, know how to find the correct keywords and get your video on YouTube. This is the most important thing, that's getting the highest rank possible in Google's search engine. Remember, free traffic is the best and traffic always leads to sales!

Video marketing is an easy way to get traffic to your products and not as hard as you might think. You have to know what you are doing though, it must be done the right way! If you don't know how and just throw yourself into it, start just uploading all kinds of videos in the hopes of getting traffic, good luck! This course will teach and show you how things are done the right way, saving you lots of valuable time too!

More Details About Youtube Traffic Surge

  • #1 - Introduction To Video Traffic : This video is a quick overview of how Youtube Video Marketing works and gets you more familar with the system itself. You are going to watch over the shoulder, how everything works and how to put it all together, correctly!

  • #2 - YouTube Video Settings: If you have ever uploaded a video to Youtube, then you should have noticed that the qualityof the video is not as good. You might have never even tried to upload a video to Youtube but want to learn how. This course is going to show you how, your videos will be clear quality and have excellent audio.

  • #3 - Keyword Market Research: You don't want to put any video on Youtube without doing your home work, Keyword Market Research. This course is going to show you how to pick and choose the right keywords so you are not wasting your time.

  • #4 - : After you have found your main keyword that you want to rank, you are going to do an even deeper search. This is called, Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI keywords. This video will teach you all about LSI keywords which helps all of the search engines figure out what your video is about.

  • #5 - Editing and Uploading Your Video: This video course is going to teach you how to edit a video so that is optimized for the search engines and is Youtube ready. You will also be shown how to upload you video to Youtube.

  • #6 - Editing The Title & Description Tags: This video is going to show you how to correctly edit the title and description tags. This is very important, you want your video to rank as high as possible in the search engine using your chosen LSI keywords.

  • #7 - Transcribing Audio: You want to improve you rankings and transcribing the audio for your video and adding it to Youtube's captions option is one way to improve rankings. This video shows you where to look and find a good transcriber that will do it correctly and at a very inexpensive cost.

  • #8 - Adding Transcript Captions: After you get you video file transcription, then the next step is to add it to your system. You will be shown how to add the transcript using the caption option. Then how to correctly optimize the video making it even more search engine friendly.

  • #9 - Social Signals: Your video is now on Youtube and the next step is creating backlinks to your new video. This video is going to show you how to use your backlinking that will send your new video through the roof, your rankings will increase.

  • #10 - Social YouTube Likes & Traffic: You will learn how to take your newly discovered tip, social backlinking to the next level. This video shows you how to expand you Youtube likes and traffic that improves search engine rankings for your video.

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